• Need Recommendation For Smart Money Tracker Software?

    The money tracking apps are a necessity of the modern age. We all need a good financial tracking app that will help us understand the world and how it connects with our finances. But sharing information about your money with an app is a highly risky venture, and it is right for you to be careful.


    That is why we decided to list the Best Expense Tracking Software that will help you gain superior financial solutions for your money troubles.


    1. YNAB:


    The abbreviation stands for 'You Need a Budget'; it is an older app with highly well-regarded feedback for the past decade. The app focuses on explaining the budget management as a concept to its users. It is developed for desktops and will elaborate upon budget making to you.


    You can manage your bills, register paychecks, and control finances effectively. It comes highly regarded!


    2. Mint:


    Mint is also commonly used for personal finance management. The entire app is free and has a robust system of regular and continuous upgrading. The app will allow you to create a budget and will suggest improvements after close monitoring of your expense.


    The app focuses on understanding patterns of spending and will also keep a close eye on your credit score, and you will always be updated on your FICO score with the app. That is a pretty handy feature in real-life management of the finances.


    3. Every Dollar:


    Unlike other apps, the Every Dollar app will only deliver financial solutions based on one budgeting method. The app only works in zero budgeting solutions and will only break down your economic structure using this method.


    It will be significantly effective if you like that kind of financial management. But if you do not, then you have to find a way to choose another app. It is highly effective in saving money, and we would highly recommend it for your financial solutions.


    4. PocketGuard:


    If you are a millennial, then you need a good old guilt trip to engage seriously with your financial plans. Then the Pocket Guard app is your best financial solution. It will tell you not to order take out twice in the same week and will condemn you for retail therapy indulgence.


    That app is ideal for anyone who has the shopaholic syndrome and will help you stay in your financial boundaries without losing sight of your financial needs.


    5. Clarity Money:


    Another highly worth trying out financial expense tracking software that will allow you to understand financing better. The app is connected with all major banks, and you can use the app to keep a close eye on your credit score.


    You will see unhealthy financial patterns, such as unnecessary financial subscriptions and other similar monetary agreements. If they are of no use to you, then you will be able to discontinue the subscription and carve out better financial solutions.


    The main aim of the app is to show the bigger picture of your financial solutions to you so that you will know how you can improve your economic conditions.


    6. Goodbudget:


    Now we have also listed a family or roommates budgeting app for your convenience. The app will allow you to have multiple users for the same budget, and you will all get to monitor your finances throughout the year.


    You can add balance to your account manually, or you can have a combined bank account where your collective money is stored. You will assign your money towards tasks such as rent, grocery, and many other jobs.


    It is a highly regarded app for families and roommates as it will allow you all to know where the money is coming from and how it is spent. The free version can only use two IDs and one account and is only useful if you and your wife are managing a budge.


    You will need to buy the full app for any elaborate projects that you may be considered for financial inclusion. The app is pretty affordable, though.


    7. My EasyFi:


    This is a new app in the market that is making the rounds as a strong contender. The app comes with an excellent financial tracking, debt elimination, expense tracking, and other breakdowns. But the main unique feature is affiliate marketing.


    If you are a strong presence on online social media and selling products online is super easy for you. The app will give you highly authentic and credible affiliate programming options.


    There are many ways to make sure that you are getting the right app, but you have to use it effectively as well. Otherwise, it's just an app taking up space on your android.

    Share your thoughts and ask any questions that may come to your mind.